AWAKEN YOUR KUNDALINI: Kundalini Activation Transmission mit Anja

activate your unique life force energy

14. September 2024
19:00-21:00 Uhr

Gußhausstraße 2, 1040 Wien

€45 / €38 for ALKEMY Members

AWAKEN YOUR KUNDALINI and activate your unique life force energy!

Kundalini Activation is a profound journey that unveils your unique life force energy. Guided by the innate intelligence of the nervous system, this process gently peels away layers of blockages, trauma, stored emotions and stagnant energy. This allows the release of what keeps you from freely and authentically expressing yourself in service for the highest good. The art of letting go becomes the gateway to an expanded consciousness—where we can not just fully remember our essence of oneness and connection but also embody this truth in the here and now. Beyond the personal process, Kundalini Activation is a collective evolution towards transcending illusions, survival states, and the confines of separation. It elevates us beyond limited perceptions, opening up a boundless space to authentically express the fullness of who we really are.

PROGRAM of the 2h Kundalini Activation

  • Introduction & Preparation
  • Transmission approximately 1 hour
  • Sharing Circle & Closing


  • Wear light, loose, and comfortable clothing
  • Come on an empty stomach for at least 2 hours before
  • No coffee, alcohol, or other substances


You lie comfortably on your mat, and music plays. You allow the energy and music to influence you as you relax and attempt to let go more and more. There’s nothing you actively need to do. You allow it. You let go. How can you allow yourself to be more ‚Being‘ rather than ‚Doing‘? How can you surrender even more? As a Kundalini Facilitator, I support your process by working in the individual and collective energy field. Occasionally, your energy centers or meridian points are gently touched. Inside, various things can unfold. Spontaneous movements can occur, you might perceive energy movements in your system, experience non-dual states of consciousness, express emotions, have inner visions, and more.


  • Deep letting go, devotion, serenity
  • connection to your essence
  • Harmonization of the central nervous system
  • Resolution of emotional and energetic blockages
  • New clarity in your mind and in your life
  • Expansion of your consciousness and elevation of your frequency Cleansing & activation of your energy channels and centers Cleansing of your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic systems
  • Deep state of peace, calm, and happiness
  • feelings of energy and vitality
  • A sense of lightness
  • A stronger connection with yourself and with the world
  • Connection to unity and the infinite field of possibilities
  • Access to states of transcendence and non-duality