50h Pregnancy and Motherhood Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Scharf

A Yoga Alliance Certified Training in Pre & Postnatal Yoga


April 12 – 14, 2024 & May 24-26, 2024

ALKEMY Soul Studio 1040 , Gußhausstrasse 2, 1040 Wien

from €700,-

50h Pregnancy and Motherhood Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Scharf

The prenatal time is about letting go of what was and embracing the  body’s changes. Yoga and meditation practices can be more than tools,  they can be allies. The group of women we meet in yoga classes  and the importance of having a safe place to share our experiences can  be the essential support to help sustain us on the journey of pregnancy  and motherhood. 

For yoga teachers, midwives, doulas, birth educators and healthcare  providers wishing to teach yoga and meditation for empowering women  during pregnancy and beyond. 

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Sarah Scharf Pregnancy

MODULE 1: 30h Yoga for Pregnancy

April 12-14, 2024

Taking care of the mother’s health has a direct effect on the entire family  and ultimately the community of our world. We will learn safe  approaches to asana, breathing and relaxation techniques that give women tools for pregnancy, labour and life after giving birth. Respect  and understanding for the physiological and anatomical changes of pregnancy and birth are the basis for this way of practicing and teaching  yoga.

We aim to understand the physical and emotional shifts taking place  during all four trimesters, from conception through lactation. You will  learn how yoga poses affect the baby’s position and how to offer helpful asana for many common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Common attitudes and fears related to pregnancy will be discussed with  an emphasis on framing pregnancy as a healthy part of life and not an  illness. Practical knowledge of how to include modifications for all stages  of pregnancy in open group yoga classes is an important skill we will  work on. You will learn how to help guide yoga students with any level of  experience through pregnancy.  

As part of this exploration we will

  • focus on how to facilitate and create a nurturing and authentic sharing circle for women in group classes.
  • learn how to educate without increasing fear.
  • learn how to give attention to each individual.
  • understand how to honour each student’s experience and needs by applying a non-dogmatic approach
  • discuss the full spectrum of  pregnancy, which includes topics such as loss and infertility.
  • Create a circle that is inclusive and providing an emotional support network for  sharing resources and knowledge.
sarah scharf motherhood

MODULE 2: 20h Yoga for Motherhood

May 24-26, 2024

The time after having a child is a very special and intense phase. Just as children move through adolescence when we become mothers we experience physical and emotional changes. Having a new person to care for is demanding on the  body and the mind, as well as transforming to all aspects of life. Welcoming the baby is often easier for people than welcoming  the changes that are felt in their lives and their bodies. Our  yoga and meditation practices have the power to encourage a healthy and accepting relationship with these changes. 

This training is for teachers and serious students who want to skilfully and safely use the practices of yoga, meditation and pranayama to help reduce stress, rebuild strength and provide  support for new parents. Most general yoga teacher trainings  only give a few hours to Pregnancy Yoga instruction, with a very  brief mention of “Postnatal” Yoga. There is often a focus on  pregnancy and birth with very little on the care and needs of  new parents, especially mothers. Ironically this is the most  important time to take care and rebuild strength and energy slowly. After giving birth the body is in a vulnerable state, it is a time that requires attentive yoga practice and sensitivity. Many women experience trauma during birth and may not be aware that they are in a state of post-traumatic stress. The time spent  with a group where it is encouraged to share openly about the birth experience and the challenges of being a new parent have huge benefits for the mental health of participants. 

It is especially important to understand that during this time we often cannot see these shifts from the outside. Our ability to be aware of the internal physical changes that women go through as they heal from birth is vital to being safe and effective teachers. It is also a chance for women to take steps towards self-care practices that can influence the rest of their lives.  

As part of this exploration we will

  • learn facilitation techniques to encourage a  supportive and safe circle for parents of babies to find  community during a time that is often isolating, when many are  at home alone with young children.
  • discuss common  conditions and issues that women deal with after birth and how  to handle them in the yoga room. 
  • discuss the business of running groups for this niche as  well as teaching techniques for online and in-person classes.
  • expand your knowledge of mindfulness meditation techniques, Restorative Yoga and guided  meditations as a way to provide rest for the sleep-deprived  parents.

The training provides insight into the emotional needs of new  parents and creates a groundwork for teachers to invite and  include students who are continuing to practice yoga or  beginning a yoga practice.

It is recommended that you have training in Pregnancy Yoga,  experience in practicing yoga during pregnancy, or work with Pregnant clients in a healthcare capacity. Basic understanding  of the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy is required. 

Our aim is to provide you with the tools to lead a group of  parents in a specialty class, with our without the babies present!  We will look at the “fourth trimester” and the connection  between primary caregiver and child in order to inform the yoga  practice. 



MODULE 1: April 12-14, 2024

30h Yoga for Pregnancy

Friday- Sunday 10-17:00

Including breakfast, lunch and tea breaks

MODULE 2: May 24-26, 2024

20h Yoga for Motherhood

Friday- Sunday 10-17:00

Including breakfast, lunch and tea breaks

Self- Investment

 EARLY BIRD UNTIL 01/03/2024
€ 700,-

€ 790,-

To secure your spot, you are required to pay a €200 deposit. Further payment instructions as well as course material and info will be sent to you 1-2 days after by Sarah.

  • Each trainee will receive a PDF course manual and a Pre & Post-natal  practice DVD.
  • Please note that you will be required to do some reading, writing and  journaling assignments before the training begins. A reading list and pre course assignments will be emailed to you with your booking  confirmation.


Full attendance, written report and additional fee of €100.00 The certification is an extra fee that you can add on during the  training or after. 

Qualification for CE credits through Yoga Alliance available when the  certificate is complete.