Couples Workshop: Art of Giving & Receiving

Em-body and express your boundaries and desires

26. Mai 2024

ALKEMY Soul® Studio
Gußhausstraße 18, 1040 Wien

PRICE per Couple
€155/ €135 for ALKEMY Soul® Members

Art of Giving & Recieving – Em-body and express your boundaries and desires

Have you ever said “yes” but actually meant “no”?

Have you ever found it difficult to ask for something you longed for?

Have you ever been unsure and indecisive about what you wanted?

You are not alone – some of us feel shame for expressing what we desire, or guilt for receiving something, or fear of being rejected. Most people don’t know where to start. Intimacy with a partner begins with being connected to ourselves, the sensations of our body and emotions moving through us.

Learn how to say “no”, “yes”, and more importantly discover what truly brings you pleasure.

What you Gain

Learn about our boundaries and desires, how to ask for it through the model of the Wheel of Consent and “3 Minutes” game by Betty Martin.

Understand the unseen dynamics that guide the ways you relate to each other and how your embodied pleasure can be the north star to knowing your “no’s” & “yes’es”.

Gain Skills To Break Free From Old Patterns – get comfortable with expressing a “no” or receiving a “no” and deciding how much you can give with an open heart.

Who is this for?

Couples who have grown apart emotionally

When we grow apart, it is hard to even understand what we want and don’t want – this workshop gives you a safe space to get in touch with your needs, wants and desires and develop healthy personal boundaries. Find more ease, confidence and sensuality in your relationship!

Couples in which one partner is only starting to open up

This dynamic is very common. Often the other partner needs a neutral person to even say the same things you already know. In addition to say the things you already know, we will give you the chance to embody the knowledge so that when you go back home, you have a lived experience you can always return to.

Couples seeking growth & new experiences

Kudos! Most couples wait till it’s too late. The truth is our unconsciousness is full of hidden dynamics, and we can always learn how to give and receive more satisfying touch!

Let’s clear the air

  • Any couple set-up is welcome to the workshop
  • Open for all couples, complete beginners as well as those more experienced
  • All exercises will be done with clothes on and your partner only

Format of the workshop

  • Embodiment practices that allow your body to speak and avoid intellectualisation
  • Theory to support your experiences
  • Reflection exercises to put things in perspective to new information from the embodiment practices, sharing round and theory


  • 5h Workshop
  • Workbook with the „3Minute“ game Details
  • Snacks & Tea in the break



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You will be added to a Whatsapp-Group for further information regarding the event.

Members Price is only available with a VALID ALKEMY SOUL MEMBERSHIP (at least one of you needs to be a member)

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Your Mentors


Felicia Nagel

Felicia is a trauma-trained somatic coach, based in Vienna, Austria. She guides people to find their inner wisdom and feel alive.

Felicia combines in the workshops her knowledge from the education with her lived experience of s*xual trauma & energy. She lived in 7 countries, worked over a decade in corporate environment & is together with her partner, Sebastian, since 2010.

more about Felicia

Sebastian Nagel

Sebastian is regular guy who has been married to a sex coach. So he went through the trial and fire of all of Felicia’s experiments and experiences. He loves to bring the regular guy perspective & share his experience.

Sebastian is also a teacher at heart, he teaches individuals how to create their own investment portfolio.

more about Sebastian