Couples Workshop: Ease & Play In Love Life

From boring Sex to cosmic connection!

9. Juni 2024

ALKEMY Soul® Studio
Gußhausstraße 18, 1040 Wien

PRICE per Couple
€155/ €135 for ALKEMY Soul® Members

Sex in long-term partnership can be challenging as hell…Not only are you busy, distracted and living in an exhausting and disconnected world…But no one taught us the skills to be able to deepen and cultivate our erotic connection over a lifetime with our lover.

The sexual playbook most of us were given involves a few basic tricks and hoping for the best. Or, worse, the messaging that if you love each other enough, it will simply ‘all work its way out.’

But what if you approached your health or career or even parenting this way?

From boring S3x to Cosmic Connection!

For the past 14 years, me and my husband, Sebastian, have been on a romantic rollercoaster – opened the marriage for 3 years, had no sex for a year and re-learned how to connect. We learnt that sex is not something you do, but a place you go. A place where you can be – not only physically naked, but also emotionally naked. A place of true intimacy and connection.

We all deep down want true and lasting intimacy, but the problem is that no one ever taught us how. No one ever sat you down and taught you the secrets to deep connection and hot sex, right?!

We’re here to change that! Our workshops give you the tools to transform your relationships – in and out of the bedroom. 

What you Gain:

  • Unlearn everything you know about sex. Bust the social norms. Sex is not about sex.
  • Redefine sex: Learn the science behind the desire & listen to what you truly want.
  • Gain skills to bring ease & play in your life in and out of bedroom. Yes, we use them too!

Couples That Talk About Sex Have Better Sex.

Why it works?

  • Shows you that you are not alone
  • Offers you a safe and neutral space
  • Allows you to experience new approaches

“Sexuality is at the core of the human personality, it is not what you do – it is who you are.”

Who is this for?

Couples who have grown apart sexually

You are not alone. According to US statistics, 80% of couples who have been together over 2 years have no sex! We have been there too.

Join us to hear real stories of our way to find the spark through opening the marriage to going to sex retreats & gain practical tools to find your way.

Couples in which one partner is more reserved

The workshop is very gentle at addressing sexuality topics, based on our own experience as a couple for 14 years &  Felicia’s processed sexual trauma.

It gives you the chance to embody the knowledge together so that when you go back home, you have a shared lived experience.

Couples ready to re-think sexuality

Kudos! Growing up we have a picture in our mind what sexuality is and what it is not. The truth is we can always learn how to spice up our sex life.

With the insight and rituals from this workshop, you will get to deepen your natural capacity for connection & intimacy with your partner!

Format of the workshop:

  • Embodiment practices that allow your body to speak and avoid intellectualisation
  • Theory to support your experiences
  • Reflection & sharing to put your experiences in perspective

Let’s clear the air

  • Any couple set-up is welcome to the workshop
  • Open for all couples, complete beginners as well as those more experienced
  • All exercises will be done with clothes on and your partner only


  • 5h Workshop
  • Snacks & Tea in the break
  • Workbook


Registration ONLY as Couple! One of you registers via eversports, after registration please fill out this from to get both of your contat details:

You will be added to a Whatsapp-Group for further information regarding the event.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via!

Your Mentors


Felicia Nagel

Felicia is a trauma-trained somatic coach, based in Vienna, Austria. She guides people to find their inner wisdom and feel alive.

Felicia combines in the workshops her knowledge from the education with her lived experience of s*xual trauma & energy. She lived in 7 countries, worked over a decade in corporate environment & is together with her partner, Sebastian, since 2010.

more about Felicia

Sebastian Nagel

Sebastian is regular guy who has been married to a sex coach. So he went through the trial and fire of all of Felicia’s experiments and experiences. He loves to bring the regular guy perspective & share his experience.

Sebastian is also a teacher at heart, he teaches individuals how to create their own investment portfolio.

more about Sebastian