FULL MOON Trance Dance Ritual with annemarie of VENUSfrequency

Welcome to a dance to celebrate the FULL MOON leading us into changing of seasons

08. Dezember 2022
13:30 – 16:00 Uhr

Gusshausstrasse 2, 1040 Wien

€38,- / €33,- for Members

A  dance to celebrate the FULL MOON leading us into changing of seasons – winter solstice YULE & the returning of the LIGHT

The celebration of Winter Solstice or Yule goes way, way back – at least 5000 years. It occurs around December 20 – 21, when the sun is at 1 degree Capricorn. Solstice means “sun stands still”, and Yule means “wheel”.

Neo Shamanic TranceDanceRitual allows the mind to empty itself of itself. Through the healing power of unedited movement, Spirit is invited to reside within, allowing us to weave ourselves back to wholeness, while trusting the process of perpetual transformation. Into the void that exists beyond space and time, the dancer becomes the dance. By merging into infinite space, the dancer becomes all encompassing. Experience the great spirit of dance under the cover of darkness (blindfold) to the beat of the tribal drum alongside modern beats infused with breath of fire.

Inviting you to enter your magical inner world with intention, respect and trust in order to „see“, feel, remember, know and grow.

Revealing the hidden treasures of your body wisdom, soul remembrance and Spirit intelligence, bringing you into awareness, harmony and balance with yourselves and the rhythm of life.

Please pre-register to reserve your spot.

What do you need?
Blindfold, Towel or Sarong • Loose Light Clothing • Change of Clothes • we dance barefoot or with non-slip socks.

Please Note: TranceDanceRitual is not a substitute for psychological therapy or medical treatment. If you suffer from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, biolar disorder, cardiovascular disease or are prone to epilepsy, you cannot participate in the TranceDanceRitual .Pregnant women or people who have had a sudden hearing loss please ask your doctor beforehand. Alcohol and drugs are also an absolute exclusion criteria. There will be increased noise volume, we therefore advise people who have had a hearing loss not to participate. In any case, you take part in our events on your own responsibility and therefore are at your own health risk of any kind.