Pratyahara Pathway Yoga Workshop with Geoffrey Brooks (AUS)

An immersive experience lead by World Class teacher Geoff Brooks

9 June 2024 / 14-17:00

ALKEMY Studio 1040
Gußhausstrasse 2, 1040 Wien

€38 for ALKEMY Soul® Members/ €45 regular

A 3hr workshop which links the essential awareness of Pratyahara (the forgotten “ananga”) between the BODY and MIND practices. Where we open into the Asana and Pranayama pathways and fine tune the deepest intentions of sensory focus and regulation which enable Mindfulness and then Meditation. The journey we undertake includes;

  • The Energy Pathway: as we warm up using Asana and Pranayama, we open to the awareness of how the senses feed the loop of expression through our actions
  • The Reactive Tangle: we then explore tools to self reflect on whether we are in a space of reaction or response and how to differentiate using our Pranayama skills then moving towards mindfulness techniques. In a perfect scenario we move away from conditioned, reactive behaviour and move to clear, considered and responsive, speech and action.
  • Sahasrara, The Consciousness Action Pathway: The link between Consciousness, Kama and our actions is the primary discussion of Yoga. Pratyahara is the awareness of this relationship and how we can create our own practice to maintain the unobstructed flow of consciousness to our speech and actions.

Rather than reacting, this workshop is guided to move towards a path of



geoffrey brooks

Geoffrey Brooks

My personal journey has been as a student of Yoga, Martial Arts, Tantra, Alchemy and many more over the last 30+ years. I have also been labeled a Small Business and Corporate Manager during my tenure in “the real world”. I bring a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and humour (debatably!) to my sharings. I’m a traveller, surfer and passionate about ensuring the gifts of nature are maintained for generations to come.

Geoffrey is based in Bali,Indonesia.