inBODY : BREATH, SOUND & MOVEMENT sensual workshop for woman

get back into your BODY and celebrate it!

30. Mai 2024

ALKEMY Studio 1020
Hollandstrasse 18, 1020 Wien

€45/ 38€ for Members

Explore every day pleasure through breath, sound and movement 

Externally you’ve created “success” – you’ve hustled, driven and ticked off your to do list, in the hopes that when you finally “got there”, you would experience your life in the way you so deeply crave – alive, fulfilled, turned on, passionate, feeling secure and safe within yourself…

And yet, no matter how much you achieve, you don’t feel fully ALIVE.

If you can relate to this:

  • You are not able to rest or are always looking for a new „hunt“, even when you feel tired.
  • You ask yourself “what is all of this for?”
  • You are confused: you do not know what you truly want.
  • You are able to meet any deadline at work, but whenever you set time for yourself or your partner in your private life you “postpone” it.

This workshop is for you!

if you are reading this – you know what you don’t want – it is time to discover what you do want!


So what can you get from this workshop?

  • Reconnect to your truth by regulating your nervous system
  • Define pleasure for yourself, beyond social conditioning
  • Experience how to find & follow pleasure through breath, sound, movement
  • Be seen and heard for who you are
  • Share your struggles & be held in an intimate circle of women

Unfortunately I get it. I was there too.

I worked in strategy consulting and start-ups for a decade. I was always on promotion „fast track“ & highest paid in the team. I was checking the „success boxes“ – still I was so disconnected from my body that I was not aware of it.
“Luckily” I had a severe accident – that made me STOP.
One day I also woke up to the reality that I faked orgasms for 10 years despite being in a stable long term relationship.
This led me on a quest of becoming the “orgasmic woman”, BUT it didn’t work.
I was not in touch with my own body and the leap was too big. It just lead me to more frustration & confusion.

This workshop is the roadmap, I wish I had received.

Now, I want to offer it to you!

Looking forward to a very special afternoon with you!

xx Felicia