Shakti Yatra India (Ladies Only)

A spiritual journey to Goddess temples in South India. The best way to celebrate the New Year!

from 27 December 2023 (11 or 15 days)

Tamil Nadu and Kerala (South India)

from € 2.650,-

Goddess Temple Journey

Welcome to a sacred journey in sisterhood that will activate , empower and enlighten you

We will travel to the most Southern state of India, Tamil Nādu. This area is known to have some of most powerful goddess temple in India as well as a strong heritage of Shakti worship. The power and mysticism of these ancient sacred sites and the land will invoke a deep devotion within you and let you feel an innate connection to the power of the divine feminine.

Daily practice of Shakti Yoga, which includes Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama, Asana, Puja, Chanting & Mantras, will be part of our daily routine to truly connect and be able to receive teachings throughout our journey more openly. You will also be able to enjoy talks on the philosophy, spirituality, religion and culture of India and dive deep into a world that will reveal vast opportunities on all levels of being to you.

Mama India will teach you how to live your life as a prayer. 

Get ready for a journey that will change your life. This journey is not a Yoga retreat but a pilgrimage to the heart. It demands openness to dive deep &  look beyond. It involves overcoming challenges, and cultivating patience and compassion. A little closer to our natural way of being, one breath at a time.


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