Shiva Shakti Soundbath with Verena & Chris

In this Sound Experience we share the marriage of the energies of Shiva & Shakti with you- the dance of polarities & the co-creation: Enter into a magical world of sound!

15.September 2023

20:00 – 22:00 Uhr

ALKEMY Studio 1040
Gußhausstrasse 2, 1040 Wien

ab € 38,-

We are Verena Magdalena & Christian, a Singer & Songwriter and a Gong & Martial Arts Master that decided to marry one day, and then another fine day decided to hold sound space together.

In this Sound Experience we share the marriage of the energies of Shiva & Shakti with you – the dance of polarities & the co-creation:

Enter into a magical world of sound!

We create a safe space for you, that helps you to relax deeply and harmonize energetically and physically. 

The deep relaxation that you enter during the guided meditations, reiki, gentle breathing techniques, the songs, the bathing in the sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs shifts your brainwaves (this happens by itself, there is nothing to actively do).

The body goes into rest and digest mode as the parasympathetic nervous system activates. The body starts to repair and rebuild, the energy system starts to align and returns to harmony. Your bodies innate intelligence & your higher self/true self know exactly what to do, as you simply relax and allow the frequencies to work with you.

The instruments we choose for this special Soundbath are:

  • Crystal Singing Bowls & Crystal Chalices (Crystal Tones/Alchemy Bowls)
  • Grotta Sonora Gongs in many different sizes
  • Shrutibox
  • Monochord Harp
  • Steel Tongue Drum
  • Shaman Drum
  • Ocean Drum
  • Didgeridoo
  • Chimes and of course
  • the Voice

We spend 2 hours together at ALKEMY SOUL in a magical world of sound!

Some say it’s as if you stepped into a mystical dream, another world, something out of what we thought we knew. 

What Christian says about Verena and the Divine Feminine Power:

The Divine Feminine is creative power, Innocence and raw beauty. I honor those embodiments in Verena Magdalena and I love to support her, to hold and guard sacred space. 

Verena Magdalena shares her songs with you, letting sounds, images and frequencies flow -in service to unconditional love. She enjoys all kinds of instruments, but in truth it is her voice that holds the most sacred gift.

What Verena Magdalena says about Christian and the Divine Masculine Power:

The Divine Masculine is the one that provides out of pure love, the strong hands and steady heart that protect and hold. In Christian I honor and witness this strength that is also most gentle. The Masculine that can hold a precious flower and also yield the sword of truth. It is honor. It is safety. It is the space in which I dance freely.

Christian is deeply connected to the animal kingdom. With him in the room you have a guardian and protector, and you can truly feel this. 

Will you join us? 

Come in comfortable clothing and on a light stomach, mats, cushions, blankets and tea are provided for in the studio.