25h Advance your Skills – Yoga Teachers Upgrade

Intensive Training with Adam Husler (UK)

December 9 – 11

ALKEMY Yoga & Healing
Gußhausstrasse 2
1040 Wien

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Adam Husler

Yoga Teacher’s Upgrade with Adam Husler (UK)

A 25 Hour Training that will support the evolution of your practice and teaching

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Refining skill and understanding in our approach to Practicing and Teaching Asana

December 9-11, 2022

When we first dip our toes in to the world of yoga asanas, we often see asanas as absolute shapes, that are there to be replicated and ultimately conquered. We see objective success in other areas of our life and an asana class is just another one of those areas to objectively succeed in. Over time, as our practice matures and we move beyond imitation, we can begin to build skill in our asana practice, and start questions like; what is the intention of the pose? What is being opened and what strengthens? Is this actually beneficial for my body? Am I being distracted by a desire to achieve a dramatic shape?

From both the perspective of teachers and students, in this series of workshops, we will explore

  • The intention behind pose families and common habits that be potentially injurious
  • How to build skill and understanding in the way we use of body
  • How to deepen our physical practice in a controlled safe and sustainable way
  • How to apply alignment principles to unique bodies
  • How to balance flexibility and strength, whilst dropping desire for ‘dramatic’ shapes!
  • How to teach advanced poses and offer options for all levels

This training is designed for teachers, but enthusiastic students are welcome.


9-11 December, 2022
Refining skill and understanding in our approach to Practicing and Teaching asana

Friday 18:00 – 20:30
Saturday + Sunday 8:00 – 17:00
including breakfast, lunch and tea breaks

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