30h Skillful Sequencing Training: A Yoga Teacher’s Upgrade with Adam Husler

Become a Yoga Architect!

November 15-17, 2024

ALKEMY Yoga & Healing
Gußhausstrasse 2
1040 Wien

Early Bird €590,- / Regular €690,-

Adam Husler

A Yoga Teacher’s Upgrade with Adam Husler (UK)

This 30h Hour Training will support the evolution of your practice and teaching.

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Become a Yoga Architect

Learn how to create masterful sequences by developing Asana precision and teaching effectiveness

Asana is not the only path of yoga, but while we teach asana, we owe it to students to be teaching it in an informed, safe and considered way, that allows the development of skill, understanding, flexibility and strength. The focus of this training will be developing your skill in creating logical, consistent and effective sequences that will significantly boost the quality of your students’ experience in the short and long term.

We should want our students to transcend simply replicating ‘cool shapes’s but begin to ask questions like:

What is the intention of the pose? What is being opened and what strengthened? Is this actually beneficial for my body? Am I being distracted by a desire to achieve a dramatic shape?

In our journey to enhancing our teaching skill, we will explore:

  • Effective sequencing method where every pose, cue and variation has a reason.
  • Deconstructing peak poses and how to prepare the body for their practice
  • The intention behind poses families and contemporary understanding of the human body 
  • How to find balance in the practice between flexibility and strength & active and passive range of motion
  • Applying alignment principles to unique bodies
  • How to teach ‘advanced poses‘ effectively and offer options to all levels
  • How to teach in a way that is safe and sustainable for students
  • Managing a classroom including injuries, cueing and more


*This training is designed for teachers, but enthusiastic students are welcome.

**Returning students who have already done a Sequencing training with Adam Husler receive an additional discount of €100. Please email to register.


30h SKILLFUL SEQUENCING  Yoga Teacher’s Upgrade

November 15-17, 2024

Friday – Sunday: 09-17:00

Including breakfast, lunch and tea breaks

BONUS: 1 Online Group Integration Call with Adam in the month after the training. Dates TBA by Adam during the training.

Upon Completion of this training you will receive a 30h Continuing Education Certification by Adam Husler and ALKEMY Soul® Akademy. The 30h may also count to your 300h Advanced Certification by ALKEMY Soul® Akademy.


Early Bird until September 15, 2024
€ 590,-

€ 690,-



Adam Husler (UK)

Adam Husler has taught his unique style of non-dogmatic yoga in over 60 locations across 20 countries, fulled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to ask ‘why?’ He is involved in world class teacher training programmes, writes for Yoga Journal  and hosts the Honestly Unbalanced  podcast.

Adam is based in London, UK.