Empowering women for a brighter future

Love. Give. Serve.


Nari = woman / Chaya = shadow, shelter

A Women’s Learning Centre in Rural India

Narichaya provides shelter for underprivileged women of all ages to find hope, security, connection and a stable anchor in their lives again.

The raw truth is that worldwide women are still fighting for bare education and a fulfilling life path of their own. Countless women still find themselves in an under-priviledged and helpless situation, with increase of domestic violence, sexual abuse and high rates of femicide. The raw truth has become so “normal” that it seems to just have become part of “how the world is”. Rather than accepting these sad facts in a time where people in some part of the world are swimming in abundance while others are starving to death, we decided to make a difference in the lives of the ones who are in need for support. This project is a prayer for justice, freedom and equal rights and opportunities. One of the main goal of Narichaya Learning Centre is to make women aware of their rights in India and help them to realise their real potential while stepping fully into their power.

We are supporting women of all ages and currently place a major focus on the ones who need help the most:


Current Stage

Project is being set up at 2 buildings

Building 1

  • Building 1 is presently being constructed with 13 training rooms and 1 computer center

Building 2

  • Building 2 was constructed in 2020 with 4 large rooms. It is located in rural area in close vicinity of unemployed women & young ladies.

You can make a difference!


The change begins with each and everyone of us. When seeing others who are not in the position of even securing basic life needs, we need to step in and take responsibility for the world we would like to see in. And make a step towards change by caring. Caring for the ones who are not as privileged.

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